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Every smartphone user face a very known problem that is low internal storage or you can call it problem in moving data to SD card from phone storage. The solution to this problem is Link2SD Plus apk application which can easily do this tough task for you. Recently I shared Link2SD Apk but now its time to upgrade the features as I am sharing Link2SD Plus apk. Do try our other shares which are mentioned below for huge entertainment. Actually this is a special and must have and now as you now know about it so must tell about it to your friends. Let me tell you how you can move the data directly to SD card with Link2SD Plus Apk. Go through the features of this app and then use it properly.

Link2sd plus apk is an Android storage management application that helps Android users move their applications to SD card thus freeing up space on the phone memory and managing the applications. Link2sd just does not help you move your applications but helps you manage them in the literal sense. With link2sd you can get nifty functions such as moving all the settings and app data of the .apk’s when you move the latter to the SD card. The applications in link2sd can also be frozen and unfrozen should you want to limit an apps hold on your smartphone. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is link2sd apk.

Link2SD Plus Apk Features

  • Apart from the features of Link2SD Apk, Link2SD Plus Apk comes with some new features which were requested by the users.
  • The app is working good and properly both on android phone and tablets.
  • In the plus you can remove advertisement and it also automatically clears the cache.
  • Link2SD Plus Apk automatically links the data to SD card which results in lots of free RAM and good speed.
  • And all the features of Link2SD Apk are included in the plus version.

Link2SD Plus Apk Download Updated Version

STEP 1 > Attention please, first of all you need to download Link2SD Apk and after that download the KEY which will turn simple version into plus version.

STEP 2 > Now after moving the app in your android device go to file manager and open link 2 SD Plus apk file.

STEP 3 > Allow your phone for installation and now you can operate Link2SD Plus Apk.

STEP 4 > If you face any issue then comment below and kindly share your experience about this app.

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  1. I already downloaded link2sd on my phone, when i opened it, i tried my apps to link internal memory to sdcard but it says “link2sd package is invalid”, why is it happen?